Symposium presentor SessionTitle
The origin of modern humans: Fossils and genomes
Chris StringerThe significance of Middle Pleistocene African diversity to modern human origins and dispersal
Johannes KrauseAfrican Middle Pleistocene gene flow into Neanderthals
Philipp GunzThe origins of Homo sapiens diversity
Carina SchlebuschThe genetic history of Africa based on modern and ancient DNA
The origin of modern humans: Archaeology and fieldwork
Manuel WillTiming and trajectory of cultural change during the Middle Stone Age of Africa
Alison BrooksBackground to exodus: Emerging social and cultural complexity, interregional movement and cultural transmission in the Middle to Later Pleistocene of eastern Africa
Yonatan SahleFrontline and backwaters: New research on the Late Pleistocene archaeology of Ethiopia
Marta Mirazón LahrEmerging complexity in late human evolution in East Africa insights from Turkana
The climatic and ecological context of dispersals out of Africa
Christian TryonThe African Equatorial Great Lakes region and Late Pleistocene human dispersals
Stanley AmbroseClimate Isochrons and the archaeology of modern human dispersals from Eastern Africa
Amanuel BeyinThe western littoral zone of the Red Sea and its place in current debates on early human dispersals out of Africa
Patrick RobertsFrom deserts to rainforests: exploring the diverse environmental contexts of Late Pleistocene human dispersals
Genomic and linguistic diversity in and out of africa
Luca PaganiOut of Africa expansion(s): A genomic perspective
Pavel DudaModern human dispersal within and outside of Africa revealed by the supertree approach
Tom GüldemannThe linguistic prehistory of eastern Africa
Eastern Africa from the Late Pleistocene to Holocene
Isabelle CrevecoeurLate Pleistocene and early Holocene biological diversity of human populations in the Nile Valley
Hugo Reyes-CentenoThe Mumba Rockshelter (Tanzania) and its relevance to modern human originsy
Lamya KhalidiHuman mobility, interaction and the first pastoralists in the Ethiopian Afar
Gregor BaderUmbeli Belli in KwaZulu-Natal and it?s implications for the final Middle Stone Age of Southern Africa
Abel BosmanA virtual investigation of the suprainiac depressions on the Eyasi 1 and Aduma VP-1/3 crania
Thora Daneyko & Chris BentzFunctional pressures increase phoneme inventories: the case of click languages
Viola SchmidThe lithic technological distinctiveness of the serrates layers from Sibudu Cave, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
William SnyderPreliminary findings on the 3D geometric morphometry of the fossil sacrum from Broken Hill, Zambia