Second annual symposium: New perspectives on the peopling of the Americas

The second annual symposium of the DFG Center for Advanced Studies focuses on the peopling of the Americas. Drawing from the success of Dr. Kurt Rademarker’s archaeological field season in Peru as DFG Center fellow in 2015, as well as the on-going research by current long-term fellow Dr. Lumila Menéndez, the symposium aims to discuss the progress and prospect of integrated, multidisciplinary approaches for reconstructing the peopling of the Americas. Research on the topic has intensified in recent years, with some previously proposed models challenged by new data. Speakers of this symposium will present on new and on-going research on the topic, with dedicated time for discussion on points of convergence and disagreement by the different disciplines. Symposium proceedings will be scheduled for publication in 2017.

One planned symposium session will focus on debates of the Late Pleistocene dispersals into and within the continent. Another will focus on evidence for admixture and contact between populations in the Holocene and historical time periods. The symposium will also feature an intimate poster session featuring on-going research on the Late Pleistocene to mid Holocene site of Cuncaicha in highland Peru, directed by Dr. Kurt Rademaker.