Phillip Endicott

Dr. Phillip Endicott is researcher at the Natural History Museum of France in Paris and was a visiting fellow at the DFG Center for the Spring of 2017. His wide educational background in Anthropology and Archaeology and his focus on Island Southeast Asia and Oceania gives a good fit with research interests at the DFG Center. Since writing a thesis on the symbolism of canoes and Polynesian voyaging during his MA in the Anthropology of Art, Dr. Endicott has maintained a strong interest in the Austronesian speaking world and is currently engaged in projects looking at Taiwan, the Philippines, eastern Polynesia and sea nomads of Myanmar. During his stay in Tübingen, Phillip worked with Gerhard Jäger, Hugo Reyes-Centeno, and Christian Bentz on comparison of genetic, linguistic, and morphological measures of diversity in the peoples of Oceania and Island Southeast Asia.
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Contact Information

  • Position Title: Steering Committee Member
  • Personal Title: Dr.
  • University: National Museum of Natural History-Paris