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The OCSEAN Project is funded from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023. The timeline below includes updates of key past and future events.



September 2020

OCSEAN Interdisciplinary Workshop in Milazzo, Italy
The OCSEAN Consortium and Partner Institutions will hold a workshop on the archaeology of the Southeast Asia, Oceania, and the Pacific.

May-July 2020
OCSEAN – Training in Linguistic Data Collection at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands
Members of the OCSEAN Partner Institutions, including Ifugao State University (Philippines) and the Universities of Udayana and Artha Wacana (Indonesia, will be seconded to the University of Leiden for training on linguistic data collection led by OCSEAN Steering Committee Member Prof. Marian Klamer.

8-12 June 2020
OCSEAN Interdisciplinary Workshop at the National Museum of Natural History, France
The OCSEAN Consortium and Partner Institutions will hold a workshop on genetic sampling, anthropometrics, linguistic audio/video recording, and ethnography.



17 January 2020

First secondment initiated between the University of Tübingen (Germany) and Ifugao State University (Philippines).

1 January 2020
The OCSEAN project officially commences.

15 December 2019
A project pre-launch meeting was held by the OCSEAN Steering Committee at the University of Tübingen and hosted by the DFG Center for Advanced Studies, following the Center’s Fifth Annual symposium on “Maritime Connections,” focusing on the prehistory of Oceania and the Pacific.

27 November 2019
The European Commission signed the Grant Agreement process, effectively approving funding for the OCSEAN project.

1 July 2019
The European Commission invited the Consortium partners to initiate the Grant Agreement process,
following positive project proposal review of OCSEAN.

2 April 2019
Proposal for the project OCSEAN (Oceanic and South East Asian Navigators) was submitted by the Consortium partners.

21-22 January 2019
An initial planning workshop was held at the University of Tübingen and hosted by the DFG Center for Advanced Studies. An outline for the OCSEAN project proposal was drafted, including the structure of the Consortium Institutions and external, non-EU partners. The workshop was attended by Christian Bentz (Tübingen), Martin Bodner (Innsbruck), Philipp Endicott (Paris), Johannes Dellert (Tübingen), Gerhard Jäger (Tübingen), Monika Karmin (Tartu), Maximilian Larena, (Uppsala), Daniel Lawson (Bristol), Mait Metspalu (Tartu), Hugo Reyes-Centeno (Tübingen), and Igor Yanovich (Tübingen). The meeting was administered by Monika Doll (Tübingen).

From left to right: Maximilian Larena (Uppsala), Martin Bodner (Innsbruck), Hugo Reyes-Centeno (Tübingen), Phillip Endicott(Paris), Johannes Dellert (Tübingen), Daniel Lawson (Bristol), Monika Karim (Tartu), Mait Metspalu (Tartu), Christian Bentz (Tübingen)