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John Nerbonne was a fellow at the center, investigating the relation between the traditional critierion of regular sound correspondence as an indicator of linguistic relatedness and measures of pronunciation difference, the workhouse of modern phylogenetic approaches to diachronic linguistics. He studied Linguistics and Computer Science at the Ohio State University and then worked in industry for eight years (Hewlett Packard Labs and the German Artificial Intelligence Center) before becoming professor of Computational Linguistics and chair of Humanities Computing (alfa-informatica) in Groningen in 1993. He has supervised over forty dissertations, has directed the Center for Language and Cognition, Groningen (more than 100 members) for fourteen years, has directed several large research projects, and has served as president of the Association for Computational Linguistics. He’s worked on a range of theoretical and applied topics in computational linguistics, including grammar development, semantics, natural language interfaces, computer-assisted language learning, information extraction, simulations of language learning, language contact and detecting syntactic differences in corpora. His focus over the last decade has been work on computational tools for analyzing pronunciation differences, where he has contributed a number of techniques and refinements to dialectology.

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