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Dr. Patricia Santos is a postdoc at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (University of Bordeaux). Her main research interests are understanding the relationship between genetics and culture in human populations, applying methods capable of inferring the demographic history of populations using modern and ancient human genomic data. During her time at the center, she applied a novel Approximate Bayesian Computation framework to the analysis of competing models of the Bantu expansion using both linguistic and genomic data.

2017Lounès Chikhi, Willy Rodriguez, Simona Grusea, Patrícia Santos, Simon Boitard, and Olivier Mazet (2017) The IICR (inverse instantaneous coalescence rate) as a summary of genomic diversity: insights into demographic inference and model choice.Heredity
2016Inês Sousa, Patrícia Abrantes, Vânia Francisco, Gilberto Teixeira, Marta Monteiro, João Neves, Ana Norte, Carlos Robalo Cordeiro, João Moura e Sá, Ernestina Reis, Patrícia Santos, Manuela Oliveira, Susana Sousa, Marta Fradinho, Filipa Malheiro, Luís Negrão, Salvato Feijó, Sofia A Oliveira (2016) Multicentric genome-wide association study for primary spontaneous pneumothorax. PLOS ONE
2015Alexandra Rosa, Patrícia Abrantes, Inês Sousa, Vânia Francisco, Patrícia Santos, David Francisco, Joana M Xavier, Sofia A Oliveira (2015) Ulcerative Colitis is under dual (mitochondrial and nuclear) genetic control. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Visiting Student Researcher
  • Location: DFG Center for Advanced Studies, Rümelinstr. 23, room 604a, 72070 Tübingen