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Dr. Mark GrabowskiDr. Mark Grabowski is a biological anthropologist and paleoanthropoloigist whose research focuses on the evolutionary basis of human adaptations, and concentrates on three regions of our anatomy that were focal points of evolutionary change – the pelvis, the brain, and overall body size. His research integrates paleoanthropology and functional anatomy with evolutionary biology – through quantitative genetics, evolutionary modeling, and phylogenetic comparative methods. Overall research interests include human evolution, paleoanthropology, skeletal biology, evolutionary morphology, particularly hominin brain and body evolution and hominin pelvic evolution, quantitative methods, theoretical evolutionary biology, and the origins of Homo.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: Former Visiting Teaching Professor
  • Location: Rümelinstr. 23
  • E-mail address: mark.grabowski@uni-tuebingen.de