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Hila Ashkenazy is an archaeologist with specialization in lithic analysis. Her research interests include the later prehistory of the Levant and northeastern Africa. Dr. Ashkenazy examines cultural change using the chaîne opératoire approach, in addition to basic techno-typological attribute analyses. She is interested in understanding how technological and other adaptive patterns coevolve with changing environmental and demographic patterns. During her stay at the Center, Dr. Ashkenazy examined lithic assemblages from recently excavated cave sites in southeastern Ethiopia.
Ashkenazy, H., A. Belfer-Cohen, A. N. Goring-Morris, and L. Grosman. (in prep.). Subsistence strategies and settlement patterns through the study of the Lithic Production Processes in the Late Natufian of Israel a view from the Core Area vs. Periphery.
Weinstein-Evron M., Yeshurun R., Kaufman D., Ashkenazy H., et al. (in prep.). After 80 years – deeper in the Natufian layers of el-Wad Terrace, Mount Carmel Israel (the 2007-2012 seasons).
2015Barzilai, O, Agha, N, Ashkenazy, H, Birkenfeld, M, Boaretto, E Porat, N, Spivak, P and Roskin, Y. 2015. The Natufian of Nahal Sekher VI: The 2009 excavation season. Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society 45:97-130
2014Ashkenazy, H. 2014 Lithic Production Processes in the Late Natufian of Israel: core area vs. periphery. unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2013Ashkenazy, H. 2013. Lithic technology in the Late Natufian – Technological Differences between 'core-area' and 'periphery'. In: Natufian foragers in the Levant: terminal Pleistocene social changes in western Asia. Edited by O. Bar Yosef and F. Valla, pp. 649-670. Ann Arbor: international monographs in prehistory
2005Grosman, L., H. Ashkenazy, and A. Belfer - Cohen. 2005. The Natufian occupation of Nahal Oren, Mt. Carmel, Israel– the lithic evidence. Paléorient 31:5-26.

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  • Position Title: Former Fellow
  • Personal Title: Dr.
  • Location: DFG Center for Advanced Studies, Rümelinstr. 23, room 603c, 72070 Tübingen
  • Telephone number: +49-(0)7071-29-76095
  • E-mail address: hila_ash[at]yahoo.com ; hila.ashkenazy[at]uni-tuebingen.de