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Hermann Sonntag started out as a philosopher studying Philosophy and Social Sciences at the University of Leipzig. Via his preoccupation with logic, semantics and language philosophy and his fateful encounter with Finnish, he chose linguistics as the major of his master studies. In his master’s thesis The Typology of Conditional Constructions: The Past-as-Irrealis Hypothesis in a Cross-linguistic Perspective he examined cross-linguistic similarities on the clause- and sentence-level. Now, as a member of Matthias Urban‘s junior research group The Language Dynamics of the Ancient Central Andes, his current dissertation project Lexical Evidence for the Pre-Columbian Trade and Exchange in Western South America tries to shed light on the linguistic and cultural situation in the Ancient Central Andes and beyond by looking into the relevant languages’ lexica for suspicious loan words. Furthermore, Hermann is interested in cross-linguistic grammaticalization paths and cyclic processes in language change, as well as in language complexity and the harnessing of resource-based approaches accounting for language structures and change.
2018Doctoral student and researcher in Dr. Matthias Urban‘s junior research group The Language Dynamics of the Ancient Central Andes
2016 - 2018Secondary studies (“Zweitstudium”) in the Digital Humanities programme at the University of Leipzig
2012 - 2013Erasmus exchange at the Department for Modern Languages at the University of Helsinki
2010 - 2017M.A. in General Linguistics at the University of Leipzig
2006 - 2010B.A. in Philosophy and Social Sciences (philosophy, sociology and linguistics) at the University of Leipzig

Contact Information

  • Position Title: Doctoral Student
  • Location: Rümelinstr. 23, room 425
  • Telephone number: +49 7071 2976509
  • E-mail address: hermann.sonntag@uni-tuebingen.de