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Matthias Pache holds a doctorate degree in linguistics from Leiden University. Beyond the languages of the Andes, he is particularly interested in languages of the Chibchan family (Central America and northern South America) and in internal and comparative reconstruction. Since 2004, Matthias Pache has undertaken several fieldwork trips to South America. He has published several linguistic papers dealing with Native American languages of the Andes (e.g., Quechuan, Aymaran, Mapudungun, Lengua X) and of the Isthmo-Colombian Area and northern South America (e.g., Chibchan, Pumé, Chocoan).
2013 - 2018Ph.D. in Linguistics, Leiden University. Promotor: Willem F.H. Adelaar; Co-promotor: Søren Wichmann
2003 - 2009M.A. (Diplom) Psychology, University of Bonn
2002 - 2007M.A. (Magister) Anthropology of the Americas, University of Bonn, granted by the German National Academic Foundation (2004-2007)
2005 - 2006M.A. (Maîtrise) Contemporary Societies: Europe–Americas, University of Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle
2018Postdoc, Emmy Noether Junior Research Group “The Language Dynamics of the Ancient Central Andes”, University of Tübingen
2017 - 2018Education and research staff member, Department of Anthropology of the Americas, University of Bonn
2013 - 2017Ph.D. candidate, education and research staff member, Leiden University Centre of Linguistics
2009 - 2012Lecturer for Mapudungun and Aymara, Department of Anthropology of the Americas Bonn; school psychologist
2020Pache, Matthias, Colette Grinevald, and Sergio Meira. Languages of the Isthmo–Colombian Area and its southeastern borderland: Chibchan, Chocoan, Yukpa, and Wayuunaiki. In: Amerindian Socio-Cosmologies between the Andes, Amazonia and Mesoamerica: Toward an Anthropological Understanding of the Isthmo–Colombian Area, ed. Ernst Halbmayer pp. 61–87. Abingdon/New York: Routledge.
2019Urban, Matthias, Hugo Reyes-Centeno, Kate Bellamy, and Matthias Pache. The areal typology of western Middle and South America: Towards a comprehensive view. Linguistics 57 (6): 1–61.
Hoffmann, Beatrix, Sérgio Meira, Karoline Noack, Matthias Pache, Makuapoty Apalai, and Arawaje Apalai (ed.). Pake ahtao Apalai tō ehtopohpyry poko Rauschert nymerohpyry sero. Histórias dos Apalai na coleção Rauschert. Erzählungen der Apalai aus der Sammlung Rauschert. (Bonner Amerikanistische Studien, 55.) Düren: Shaker.
2018Pache, Matthias. Lengua X: An Andean puzzle. International Journal of American Linguistics 84 (2): 265–285.
Pache, Matthias. Contributions to Chibchan Historical Linguistics. Ph.D. dissertation, Universiteit Leiden.
2017Pache, Matthias, Arjan Mossel, and Willem F.H. Adelaar. Language diversity, contact and change in the Americas: The model of Filippo Salvatore Gilij (1721–1789). In: Language Contact and Change in Mesoamerica and Beyond, ed. Karen Dakin, Claudia Parodi, and Natalie Operstein, pp. 355–383. (Studies in Language Companion Series, 185.) Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
2016Pache, Matthias. The grammaticalization of plant-part terms in Chibchan languages. International Journal of American Linguistics 82 (4): 425–452.
Pache, Matthias. Pumé (Yaruro) and Chocoan: Evidence for a new genealogical link in northern South America. Language Dynamics and Change 6 (1): 99–155.
Pache, Matthias, Søren Wichmann, and Mikhail Zhivlov. Words for ‘dog’ as a diagnostic of language contact in the Americas. In: Language Contact and Change in the Americas: Studies in Honor of Marianne Mithun, ed. Andrea Berez-Kroeker, Diane Hintz, and Carmen Jany, pp. 385–409. (Studies in Language Companion Series, 173.) Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
2015Pache, Matthias. Morphosyntactic properties of Chibchan verbal person marking. Linguistic Discovery 13 (2): 80–95.
2014Pache, Matthias. Lexical evidence for pre-Inca language contact of Mapudungun (Mapuche) with Quechuan and Aymaran. Journal of Language Contact, 7 (2): 345–379.
2013Pache, Matthias. Surprise! ... and its encoding in Kamsá and other languages of western South America. In: Wege im Garten der Ethnologie: Zwischen dort und hier; Festschrift für María Susana Cipolletti, ed. Hanna Heinrich and Harald Grauer, pp. 203–221. (Collectanea Instituti Anthropos, 46). Sankt Augustin: Academia.
2012Röhr-Sendlmeier Una M., Andreas Jöris, and Matthias Pache. Lern- / Leistungsmotivation und sozio-kulturelle Herkunft. Bildung und Erziehung, 65 (4): 459–476.
Pache, Matthias. The fox in the Andes: An alternative interpretation of the trickster. Anthropos, 107 (2): 481–496.
Materials for indigenous communities
2011Pache, Matthias. Los achachila, la pachamama, el rayo y otros seres del mundo sobrenatural en Irohito. Complementación de los materiales de 2010. Ms. Irohito, Bolivia: Distrito Nacionalidad Indígena Urus de Irohito.
2010Pache, Matthias. Los achachila, la pachamama, el rayo y otros seres del mundo sobrenatural en Irohito. Ms. Irohito, Bolivia: Distrito Nacionalidad Indígena Urus de Irohito.

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  • Position Title: Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Personal Title: Dr.
  • Location: Rümelinstr. 23, room 425
  • Telephone number: +49 7071 2976509
  • E-mail address: matthias.pache@uni-tuebingen.de

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