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Dr. George (PJ) Perry was a long-term fellow at the DFG Center from June 2018 to July 2019. He and his research group at Pennsylvania State University (from where George is visiting us while on sabbatical) study human evolution, evolutionary ecology, and evolutionary medicine with approaches from anthropology, evolutionary biology, parasitology, and population, comparative, functional, and paleo (ancient DNA) genomics. During his fellowship, George collaborated with other members of the DFG Center on evolutionary genomic studies of human and archaic hominin body size variation. At Penn State, George is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Anthropology and Biology and the Harry J. and Elissa M. Sichi Early Career Professor of Anthropology.

Visit https://anth.la.psu.edu/people/ghp3 and http://bio.psu.edu/directory/ghp3 for more information.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: External Member
  • Location: Harry J. & Elissa M. Sichi Early Career Professor in Anthropology Associate Professor of Anthropology and Biology 513 Carpenter Building University Park, PA 16802
  • Telephone number: (814)863-7654
  • E-mail address: ghp3 (at) psu (dot) edu
  • Personal Website: www.anthgenomicslab.com