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Andrej Evteev is a physical anthropologist, one of those numerous specialists interested in the study of the interplay of factors shaping the human skull: genetic, climatic, ontogenetic, functional and stochastic. Specifically, during the last several years he's been primarily dealing with ecogeographic variation of the facial skeleton in North Eurasia paying a special attention to employing population genetic data as a “control for phylogeny”. One of the aims of his Tubingen fellowship was to put the data collected (morphological and genetic) into a broader context and to analyze it from a more general point of view. Andrej was also studying growth of the human skull using medical CT data with a distant aim of detailing the ontogenetic origin of intergroup morphological differences. One more problem Andrej Evteev actively works on is the role of intragroup cranial variation in producing intergroup variation. It is acknowledged that at least 80% of cranial variation in humans resides at the intragroup level, but in fact we have very few ways of taking it into account in a craniological analysis (see for details https://sites.google.com/site/worldpcaeng/). Andrej also uses a variety of methods, including GMM and Finite-Element Analysis, and spents a lot of time working with CT images of both living and skeletal individuals (measuring, segmentation, landmarking). Another aim of his work at the DFG center was to comprehensively explore the collection of cranial CT scans from Moscow which includes many populations not represented in other CT depositories, as well as in museums outside Russia.Finally, Andrej has quite an experience as a field bioarcheologist specialized on the macroscopic descriptive study of human remains.

Journal Articles
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