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Benazzo_photoDr. Andrea Benazzo is a research technician at the University of Ferrara, Italy. His main research interest is in the use of genomic data to reconstruct the evolutionary history of organisms, focusing on past demography and adaptation to extreme environmental conditions. Dr. Benazzo is also interested in developing bioinformatic tools for analysis of genomic data. During his time at the Center, he processed human next generation sequencing data with updated pipelines in order to make them suitable to different kind of population genetics analysis. In particular, he applied recently developed computational methods to infer population structure, admixture, and migrations, as well as investigate how these processes acted together to shape the observed pattern of genetic variation at a whole genomic scale.

2016 - 2017Bioinformatics and biostatistics course (6 Italian CFU) for Master students in Biology
2011 - 2012Tutor for Biostatistics course Bachelor students (University of Ferrara)
2012 - 2016Advanced Biostatistics course (6 Italian CFU) for Master students in Biology
2011 - 2012Teaching support for the Biostatistics course (University of Ferrara)
2010 - 2011Tutor for Biometry course Bachelor students (University of Ferrara)
2009 - 2010Tutor for Biometry course Bachelor students (University of Ferrara)
2009 - 2010Teaching support for the laboratory of Biometry course (University of Ferrara)
2008 - 2009Teaching support for the laboratory of Biometry course (University of Ferrara)
2007 - 2008Tutor for Biometry course Bachelor students (University of Ferrara)
2013 - presentBioinformatic technician in the Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology at University of Ferrara.
2012Research fellow at University of Ferrara
2011Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, University of Ferrara
2008Master Degree in BioMolecular Science at University of Ferrara
2006Degree in Biological Science at University of Ferrara
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