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Bosman_photoAbel Bosman trained as an osteoarcheologist at the University of Leiden, Netherlands and is currently a doctoral candidate at the DFG Center. His research interests focus on the application of virtual anthropology in the study of human evolution. As part of this master’s degree, he used geometric morphometrics to analyze differences in mandible form between human populations from Medieval and post-Medieval Netherlands. For his doctoral dissertation, he is reconstructing and analyzing Middle-Late Pleistocene hominin crania. His research interests are in hominin variation, the effect of masticatory stress on the cranium, and the possible influence of language on the anatomical variation of the vocal tract system.

Academic background
2016 - PresentPh.D. student, DFG Center for Advanced Studies, University of Tübingen
2016 - 2014MSc Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology, University of Leiden
2010 - 2014BA Archaeology, University of Leiden
Fieldwork Experience
2011Archaeological field school of the University of Leiden at the Merovingian site of Oegstgeest, Netherlands
2012Team member Research Campaign Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Intern at NWO-research program ‘Odyssee’, Nijmegen, Netherlands
2013Paleolithic Excavation Barnahm, United Kingdom
Team member Field Survey Project Alta Valle Del Tappino, Italy
2014Osteoarchaeology Excavation Kampen, Netherlands

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