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Name Position

Abel Bosman

Doctoral Candidate, Junior Research Group

Dr. Andrea Benazzo

Former Fellow (October – November 2016)

Dr. Christian Bentz

Research Fellow

Dr. Laura Buck


Dr. Monika Doll

Administrative Coordinator

Dr. Phillip Endicott


Dr. Silvia Ghirotto

Former Fellow (October- November 2016)

Dr. Mark Grabowski

Teaching Professor

Prof. Dr. Katerina Harvati-Papatheodorou

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Jäger

Principal Investigator

Alina Ladygina

Student Assistant

Alessio Maiello

Student Assistant

Dr. Lumila Menéndez


Prof. em. Johanna Nichols

Former Fellow (October-December 2016)

Dr. Kurt Rademaker

Former Fellow (August-September 2015)

Dr. Hugo Reyes-Centeno

Scientific Coordinator

Gabriel Šaffa

Erasmus Trainee

Sebastian Scheiffele

Doctoral Candidate, Junior Research Group

Dr. Søren Wichmann

Former Fellow (October-November-December 2015)

Mei-Shin Wu

Student Assistant

Dr. Igor Yanovich


Dr. Yonatan Sahle

Leader, Junior Research Group

Panagiotis Zodos

Erasmus Trainee



  • Article: Argentinean Pampas and the peopling of the Americas

    A new research article by DFG Center’s Fellow Lumila Menéndez and colleagues uses cranial data from early Holocene Pampas samples in order to inform the...

  • 27 March 2017

    New open position at the Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment. Position description: Fachinformatiker/in Systemintegration. All the details are provided in the PDF file...

  • 10 March 2017

    The third annual symposium of the DFG Center for Advanced Studies will be held on November 3rd – 5th at the Alte Aula in Tübingen....