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Doctoral position (E 13 TV-L, 65%)

in the junior research group “The language dynamics of the ancient Central Andes”. The position will be available from March 1st 2018 and run for three years.

The newly established junior research group is directed by Dr. Matthias Urban, and is associated with the DFG Center for Advanced Studies “Words, Bones, Genes, Tools”. The group will investigate processes of language contact and language shift in the prehistoric Central Andes to contribute to a fine-grained, interdisciplinary understanding of Andean prehistory. The group will embrace the full linguistic diversity of the Central Andes, including the many ‘minor’ (that is, non-Quechuan and non-Aymaran languages) and will also consider the relation of Central Andean languages to those of the lowlands to the east.

For his/her thesis, the successful applicant will investigate lexical correlates of prehistoric exchange and trade within and across the Central Andes. To this end, s/he will create a database of items that are known to have been exchanged in prehistory with associated metadata. S/he will then proceed to compile lexical equivalents in a broad array of relevant Central Andean, other North and South Andean, and Western Amazonian languages. The aim is to attain a comprehensive record of shared lexical material in Western South America which, when visualized, can shed light on ancient trade relations and routes.

Applicants must hold a Master’s (or equivalent) degree in linguistics or a closely related field and be willing to work towards a PhD. Research experience in historical linguistics, contact linguistics, and/or South American indigenous languages is desirable. Applicants should be team players with high social competence. It is also crucial that they be eager to engage with evidence from disciplines other than linguistics, particularly archaeology. As far as language skills are concerned, applicants should be fluent in English and have at least reading knowledge of Spanish. In addition, the promotion regulations of the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Tübingen require doctoral candidates in General Linguistics to have knowledge of a classical language. If not demonstrable, applicants must attend a course on the structure of such a language during their studies in Tübingen.

More info here: http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/universitaet/stellenangebote/newsfullview-stellenangebote/article/doctoral-position-e-13-tv-l-65.html


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