Home / Colloquium: Review of Sano et al. 2019 (The earliest evidence for mechanically delivered projectile weapons in Europe, in Nature Ecology and Evolution)


Moderator: Armando Falcucci

Venue and time: Großer Seminarraum 602 (Rümelinstraße 23), Oct. 22, 12:30 s.t.


Article Abstract:
Microscopic analysis of backed lithic pieces from the Uluzzian technocomplex (45–40 thousand yr ago) at Grotta del Cavallo (southern Italy) reveals their use as mechanically delivered projectile weapons, attributed to anatomically modern humans. Use-wear and residue analyses indicate that the lithics were hunting armatures hafted with complex adhesives, while experimental and ethnographic comparisons support their use as projectiles. The use of projectiles conferred a hunting strategy with a higher impact energy and a potential subsistence advantage over other populations and species.


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